Here are a few of the most common questions and answers.

What is the difference between The Legion National Foundation and The Royal Canadian Legion?

The two organizations are separate entities, but will collaborate in some areas. The Legion National Foundation was established by The Royal Canadian Legion and incorporated as a not-for-profit organization with a separate mission and mandate. The Foundation will solely support specific public Remembrance programs and military and RCMP family education, while the Legion will continue to advocate on behalf of Veterans, promote Remembrance, and serve communities across the country.

If I donate, will I receive a tax receipt?

Yes, a receipt will be provided the same day for online donations and can be viewed using a PDF viewer. To download a free Adobe Viewer, please click here. Receipts for mail-in donations will be sent out as soon as possible after receipt. Anyone donating on a recurring basis will receive a receipt at the end of the year.

How is donated money used?

Generously donated funds support three main activities: Pilgrimages of Remembrance, remembrance-themed literary and poster contests for youth, and scholarships and bursaries for family members of military and RCMP personnel. Some funds may also be used to support other charities whose work aligns with the Foundation’s mission and mandate.

When does the pilgrimage happen?

The Pilgrimage of Remembrance happens during the summer months once every two years. The next one is scheduled for July, 2019.

Do you support pilgrimages other than those of The Royal Canadian Legion?

Not currently, though we are open to eventually supporting groups and organizations holding Pilgrimages of Remembrance that align with a certain set of standards.

If I submit original work, will I get it back?

Yes, original artwork is returned to the artist. Winning artwork remains with the Legion for a one-year period, until pre-determined display dates are over.

Are the contest submissions published anywhere?

Yes, winning submissions from each year’s contest can be found on the Foundation’s website. Follow the link to Remembrance Contests.

What’s the difference between the scholarships and bursaries the Foundation offers and those offered by The Royal Canadian Legion?

They are similar. Many Legion branches and Commands currently offer scholarships and bursaries, usually to students residing in their jurisdiction. The Foundation’s scholarships and bursaries will be awarded to students regardless of where they live.

Can I apply for a scholarship or bursary if I have not finished high school?

Unfortunately not at this time. The scholarships and bursaries are designed to offer support to individuals who have completed the requirements of High School at a minimum.

How many scholarships and bursaries do you award each year, and in which areas?

Financial assistance is provided for post-secondary education in almost all areas of study. There is no set limit to the number of scholarships and bursaries that we might be able to provide over time.

How can I get more information?

Contact us.